Captain James Văn Thạch

US Army Infantry, Retired - Soldier For Life - Suicide Counselor - Public Affairs Royal Lao Airborne 

Graduate of Law School at Touro Law Center

Captain James Văn Thạch

Suicide Prevention - Do Not get Lost at SEA - Find a PAL

My Motto:  

Don't get lost at:  






Do NOT feel lost at SEA Of anything !  

Find your:    


Passion - Of your dreams 

Aspire    - Fight and educate yourself  

Legacy   -You will have for your family & friends 

Stop - FIGHT - Internet + Military + Romance Scams

The best way to educate and to save OUR world from all types of Scams is education

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Once a Soldier - Always a Soldier - Soldier For Life

VIDEO with Lt. Colonel James S. Taylor to educate & STOP Romance - Internet - Military Scams - 

VIDEO -  Captain James Van Thach Iraq War Veteran Forms Extra-Special Bond With Canine Companion  -

VIDEO - July 4th, 2017 - FOX News with Captain Thach & Service Dog Liz with Puppy Raiser Saxon &  "In training" Miller  -